WEST OF SCOTLAND TILE CLEANING SERVICES: Restoring natural stone and ceramic tiles
WEST OF SCOTLAND TILE CLEANING SERVICES: Restoring natural stone and ceramic tiles

Tile repair is an important part of the restoration process, especially when it comes to victorian floors. Being so old, many floors have moved with time, resulting in raised, rolling or dipped floors, not to mention areas where tiles have been lost and replaced with a filler like cement.

Tile repair under these circumstances should be carried out to bring back the original beauty of these floors.

We use both reclaimed original victorian tiles and quality reproduction tiles in our tile repair and restoration process, depending on your choice and budget.

The owners of this property decided to remove the old carpet and have the floor restored. Here are just a selection of photos. The floor was in a terrible condition throughout with ingrained dirt, adhesive and a host of other stains. Over the years, subsidence had caused the floor to shift causing broken tiles and a wave effect in parts of the floor, as well as raised and sunken tiles, and areas where missing tiles had been filled in with cement. After a clean to get a better idea of condition, the tile repair began when problem areas were lifted, the floor was levelled and missing tiles replaced. This was followed by another clean, then the floor was sealed. The owners were more than happy with the final result.

The floor in this property was covered in 1970's vinyl tiles. When removed, the victorian floor underneath was covered with vinyl adhesive and ingrained dirt, and several of the tiles were either missing or broken. After an intitial clean, the tile repair cmmenced when broken and missing tiles were replaced. If you look closely you can make out the replacement ones. The floor was then cleaned again and then sealed, and now the replacements fit right in. The client was delighted.

Although grubby, this floor's main problem was that sections of it were no longer level. In some parts it was considered by residents to be a trip hazard, and there were also missing tiles. The tile repair began by lifting the uneven tiles, then I levelled the floor, re-laid existing tiles, and where necessary, replaced missing tiles. Then I gave the floor a clean and seal. Satisfied clients.

This small porch had ingrained dirt with missing and loose tiles. It turned out that most of the border was unstable and needed immediate tile repair before floor got any worse. Afterwards it was sealed with a sheen sealer as requested.

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